Frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find your answer, please feel free to contact us at service@davida.se and we will do our best to help you!


Can I cancel or change my order?

We can help you cancel your order as long as it has not been sent. If you have received a notification that your order has been sent out, it is unfortunately too late to cancel. If this is the case, we recommend that you send your package back to us as soon as possible. If you have not received a delivery notification, please email our customer service and we will help you cancel your order.

Why is my discount code not working?

Are you trying to use the code to order already discounted products? A discount code cannot be combined with other offers. Is the code not working for full-price products? Double-check that you've entered the discount code correctly and pressed the "Use campaign code" button at checkout. If the problem remains, please contact our customer service.

What is the return policy?

You have a 14-day right of return from the time you receive the product, to try it on and make up your mind. During that period, you can return your items completely free of charge.




Which countries do you deliver to?

We deliver to all countries within the EU and Norway.

How long is the delivery time?

Sweden: 1-2 days
Denmark: 1-2 days
Norway: 2-4 days
EU: 2-5 days

During sales periods and larger campaigns, it can take a few extra days.

Please note that the delivery time is only a guide and DAVIDA cannot be held responsible for any delays.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free for orders over €200 within the EU. If the total order value is less than €200, a shipping cost of €10 will be added to your order.

I placed my order over 2 days ago, but have not received a delivery confirmation, what should I do?

Contact our customer service and we will review what may have happened to your order.


Returns & Exchanges

What does it cost to return an item?

Returning your order to us is always free.

Why was the shipping cost not refunded on my return?

We offer free returns but do not refund the shipping cost when you return an item.

I did not receive a return slip. What should I do?

Contact our customer service and we will send you a new return slip. Remember to enter your order number.

How long does it take to process a returned item?

It can take up to a week for the item you returned to be registered. If you originally paid for your purchase by card, it can take another 3-5 banking days until the money is available on your card again. We reserve the right for a total time of up to 14 days, or more time for orders from Norway and the EU. Our goal is to process all returns as quickly as possible. However, during busier periods, it can take a little extra time.

How do I exchange to a different size?

To exchange an item bought online, please return the item free of charge and place a new order online.

How do I report a complaint?

Contact our customer service and we will help you! Do not forget to include photos and your order number so we can help you quickly.

What counts as a valid complaint?

If your garment has production defects, such as seam failures, please contact our customer service.

What does not count as a valid complaint?

Wear and tear, moth holes, and incorrect washing.

I have a problem with a Davida garment but have shopped through a retailer. What should I do?

If you have bought through a retailer, you must contact their customer service. Unfortunately, we can not help you if the garment is not purchased directly from our website.




What payment methods do you offer?

We offer payment through partners who ensure secure payment. You can choose to pay directly, by invoice, or in installments via Klarna, or by credit card. We accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express.

I have questions about my Klarna invoice - who do I contact?

For questions regarding your invoice, we recommend that you contact Klarna's customer service at info@klarna.se, as our customer service department has limited access to Klarna invoice services.

I forgot to use a discount code on my order, can I still get the discount?

Unfortunately, we can not adjust the price of placed orders.


Product Care & Fit

How should I wash and take care of my cashmere garments?

With proper care and the right storage, your garments will last longer. In our cashmere care guide, you can read about washing and drying advice, storage, and how to handle pilling.

How do I remove fuzzballs and pilling?

Pilling is perfectly normal for cashmere garments and not a sign of poor quality. In each order, we include a cashmere comb that you can use to remove pilling. Carefully stretch the garment and gently comb in the same direction as the direction of the fibers. The fuzzballs will gradually decrease over time and you will find that the garment becomes even softer.

How do I prevent moth holes?

Store your garments in the storage bag in which they were delivered. On our hangtags there is a cedar ball that you can put in the storage bag with your garments. Over time, the natural fragrances from the outer layer of the wood decrease. You can then sand the wooden ball using fine sandpaper so it regains its scent and helps to keep moths away.

How do I know which size to choose?

You can find our size guide on each individual product page. If you are still unsure which size to choose, you are welcome to contact our customer service and we will help you.



Our Cashmere

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is wool that comes from cashmere goats, which are special goats that live in a cold climate. Cashmere wool comes from the undercoat and only the finest hairs are used to create cashmere yarn. Cashmere yarn is divided into categories of A, B and C cashmere, depending on the thickness and length of the fibres and the part of the goat the fibres come from. We only work with A-grade cashmere, which has the longest fibres and the highest quality.

What is gauge?

Gauge (abbreviated gg) is a term often used when describing knitted garments. The term describes the number of stitches used per inch. The higher the gauge the thinner the sweater. Davida's cashmere is knitted in 3 gg, 5 gg, 7 gg, 12 gg and 16 gg.

Is the yarn certified?

Yes, all the yarn we use is OEKO-TEX®-certified. This means that our products maintain the standard according to safety standards for textile and clothing manufacturing and meet high human-ecological requirements. It is important to us that you as a customer feel safe when you shop and wear our products.

How and where do the goats live?

All our cashmere comes from cashmere goats that live in Inner Mongolia, where our production is also located. The goats wander freely out on the pastures, and are taken care of by local shepherds. They stay on the shepherds' farms when the grass needs to recover and the cashmere wool is cut for the hot summer season.

Do the goats suffer during the cutting/combing process?

At our suppliers, the goats are trimmed or cut instead of being combed. These are faster processes that reduce the stress for the animals. The goats have the same experience as ordinary sheep during wool trimming.

Where are the garments produced?

Our garments are produced in Inner Mongolia, which is also where the cashmere goats live and where the wool is prepared for production.

Do you visit your factories?

Yes, we regularly visit our suppliers in Inner Mongolia, to ensure both good working conditions and proper animal care. It's important to us that you, our customer, feel safe about shopping with us and using our products.

When was DAVIDA founded?

Davida was founded in 2009 by brothers Kristian and Max Holm, with the aim of producing cashmere clothes designed to last a long time, both in terms of style and quality.