Davida visits Inner Mongolia

Our production team regularly visits our suppliers to ensure the maintenance of good working conditions and animal husbandry. It is important to us that you as a customer feel safe when buying and wearing our products.

This is Kristian, Head of Retail and Sofie, Head of Design visiting goat farms, spinning mills, dyeing mills, and factories in Inner Mongolia.


Dye bath & Spinning mill

After the cashmere wool has been washed and the different fiber lengths have been separated, the wool is unpacked into large bags and goes to the dye mill. There, the raw wool is dyed in large dye baths as shown in the top left picture.

The next step in the process is for the wool to be formed into yarn threads - here the wool goes through several different types of machines before it is dyed in a long thread. You can see part of the process in the pictures above and below.


Knitting & Linking

When the thread is long enough, it is spun further upon several smaller thread spools so it can be used in large knitting machines. In the knitting machine, all parts are knitted separately, for example, a front piece, a back piece, and two sleeves.

These pieces are then linked together in a process called "linking". This is a time-consuming process that requires both accuracy and experience. In the picture to the right, a front piece and back piece are being linked together by the side seams. Real craftsmanship!