Cashmere Care

Cashmere is one of the most exclusive materials you can wear. For the garments to maintain their high quality, you should take proper care of them. One of the many benefits of cashmere is that it is a breathable material, which means you do not have to wash it after each use.

To maintain the shape and increase the life of your garments, we recommend the following:

1. Pilling

Don't worry!

Seeing bobbles or fuzz balls on cashmere garments is completely normal and not a sign of poor quality. The bobbles are excess fibers that arise when the garment is exposed to friction.

With every order, we include a cashmere comb that you can use to remove pilling.

Carefully stretch the garment and gently comb in the same direction as the fibers. Over time, the pilling will decrease and the garment will become even softer.

2. Washing

Air your cashmere garment after each use instead of washing it.

If necessary, wash your garments at 30°C on the wool, gentle, or hand wash program, always on the lowest spin. You can also hand wash your garments in cold water.

When washing, use a mild detergent intended for cashmere. Never use bleach or fabric softener.

3. Dry flat

Gently squeeze your garment after washing to get rid of excess water - do not wring the garment. Lay the garment flat on a towel to dry.

Never hang heavy wet garments as they easily lose their fit.

4. Iron/Steam

The best way to get your garments smooth is to use a steamer. If you want to iron, choose the lowest heat.

5. Storage

Store your garments folded, preferably inside the bag they came in. Add the cedar wood ball that is included in your order to prevent moths.

With care and correct storage, your cashmere garments will last longer.